Love, Honor, and Virtue Reviews

“I will have no problem handing this book over to our boys. I like the fact that it is a current book, as it mentions smart phones and the problems with them in regards to porn and such. It isn’t a book written in the 1950s and talking about things that aren’t relevant anymore.” – Jennifer Simpson at My Own Green Grass

“That is one thing I really do like about this book — It doesn’t just talk about things in a general way, it really gets to the heart of the matter, and what some of the consequences to our actions can be. … I really can’t say enough about this book … everything in this book is so important to share with our young men.” – Rodna Allman at Training Up Children for Christ

“Having a teenage son in our current culture can be a scary experience.  Unsavory images and videos are available with the simple stroke of a few computer keys.  If you want to arm your child or tween in battle against pornography, you may want to consider listening to Hal and Melanie Young’s new book, Love, Honor and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality … I enjoyed this presentation and will share it with my teenage son.” — Melissa Batai at Mom’s Plans

“While this book is written for boys from ages 12-20, I have to say, as a momma, I am so very grateful for this for myself. Because it helps me see and know the reality of all that comes against my boys. I can be more prepared for my younger son and perhaps with my older son I can provide more guidance, pray more fervently, having the mind of God, I can better go to battle with and for my sons. … I do love how this book is written. It’s like sitting with a friend; while there is nothing hidden, there is such a gentle and kind spirit about the words that are written in these pages. … This is an amazing book.” –  Jennifer King at A Peace of Mind

“The best way to protect our kids is to prepare them for the challenges they will face in the world, and as they get older sexual temptation is one of the biggest temptations there is. As the parent it is your job to talk about the hard stuff with your kids, and honestly, I don’t think anybody really likes those conversations. Love, Honor, and Virtue might make those talks a bit easier because it gives you a common starting point to begin those conversations that can make them a bit less awkward.” – Brandy Brockhausen at Kingdom Academy Homeschool

 “At 95 pages, it’s a fairly quick read but is packed with intense and important information including the reality of what our young men, a lot younger than you may think, are being exposed to and trying to deal with on a day-to-day basis. The battle is nothing to take lightly, and the authors of this book are not afraid to jump in and discuss every aspect of the fight for a young man to keep himself pure in today’s culture.” – Tere Scott at Puddle Jumping

“Demonstrating their knowledge of the inner workings of a teen boy’s mind, the authors address the issues within the book very frankly – not mincing words, or adding unnecessary words – but in an appropriate manner.  There’s no need to turn five words into thirty when dealing with my boys — they’re unlikely to listen after the first five anyway.” – Holly Johnson at Gypsy Road School 

Love, Honor, and Virtue is an honest and truly frank discussion on the fight our young men face to maintain their purity. It’s concise and very direct, and covers sensitive topics, such as pornography and self-gratification. In this age where pornography is so easily accessible because of cell phones and tablets, the battle is fiercer than ever for our young men to remain pure. This book offers a Biblical perspective, helping to understand God’s design biologically and morally. Your sons will learn how to build relationships that honor God. But what if he stumbles, gets entrapped in pornography and self-gratification? There is also help in this book to find hope and recovery.” – Wendy Ross at Life at Rossmont

“Love, Honor, and Virtue is an easy, quick read, full of stories, scripture references, and real strategies.  It reads in a chatty way, almost like you’re talking with a friend, and takes an uncomfortable topic and makes it more relatable.  I appreciated the stance on dating, courtship, and preparation for marriage the most (perhaps since I’m not a man ) and the way that the authors were both Biblical and practical.

If you know a young man who sincerely wants to pursue virtue and wants specific strategies about how and why to do so, Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality from Great Waters Press is a great resource.” –  Amy Bradshur at A Nest In The Rocks

“I really appreciate this book. Anyone who has sons approaching their teen years should read it. I am thankful that this book has come into our family at this time, although I’ll admit the subject is very uncomfortable to read and talk about. However, I also know that we need to discuss these issues, for the sake of our sons and their futures. When problems are brought out into the open, they can be dealt with, and Love, Honor and Virtue is a great tool to help us, as parents who feel like we’re floundering, to help our young men.” – Emma Filbrun at Lots of Helpers

“As a mom, it can be tempting to want to hide my head in the sand and pretend that my son won’t face those temptations and issues. However, that does a severe disservice to my son. While I do not believe my son is ready for this material just yet (he is on the youngest end of the recommended ages),  I intend to use this book with him to help facilitate conversations about these topics. Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality is an open and frank book discussing the sexual temptations that many young men face in today’s world. ” — Dawn Peluso at Schoolin’ Swag

“Reading the book myself equips me to handle the sensitive subject. It gives me the tools and the insight to be able to have the discussion how, I, the parent, see fit. And for that, I am thankful for reading it.” — Brandy Alderman at Our Thrifty Home

“Love, Honor, And Virtue is a book that all parents should read and share with their young sons. It’s us who will change the way society views sex and women. That change starts in our homes by teaching the right ways versus the wrong of how today’s society presents these things. Love, Honor, And Virtue can definitely help you to guide that discussion for your sons.” — Dana Lambert-Hodge at Luv’N Lambert Life

“I definitely recommend reading this book if you have a son.  I even recommend reading it if you have a husband.  It is a great resource that deals with topics that we Christians typically want to avoid, but they are topics we need to address because our guys are being tempted all the time.” — Cassandra Holderman at A Glimpse of Normal

“I’m not sure there is a more relevant book in today’s culture.” — Angela at Schooling with Grace

“As parents of a son, we are responsible to him and to God to help him prepare to avoid and repel temptations in every arena, and his temptations are and will be different than those our daughters experience.  This great book is written by parents of eight children (!!) including six sons, and they are familiar with the temptations which young men of today encounter.  They have written a book for young men to help them understand and withstand sin in the sexual or sexually-related sphere.” – Sheila Chairvolotti at troutwife

“This book has changed me. It’s changed my husband. It will greatly influence how we prepare our young boys for the world. We are very grateful that this book was written … ” — Cassie Deputie at No Greater Joy
“A wonderful book! Insightful, easy-to-read, and straight to the point. … Hal and Melanie have wisdom that works because it’s straight from the Word of God. He created the young men that are in a constant battle to remain pure for the glory of God. He knows how to overcome the evil one. … Thank you, Hal and Melanie for writing a great book. I plan on buying more copies to pass around to the men in my life. What a blessing!” – Meredith Curtis at Being World Changers, Raising World Changers
“This is a valuable resource for young men and a good complement to ongoing conversations. It may also help bridge any awkwardness of speaking face-to-face.Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality is a wonderful book to help young men remain honorable and make good choices to become men and husbands that are full of character and purity.” — Erika Leaf at Raising Leafs
” I LOVE that these authors write from a place of experience – they offer a realistic approach that really works in families just like ours.  They offer hope and healing. From cover to cover – it is encouraging, exhorting and equipping!” — Renita Bentz at Mom of Many
“I do wholeheartedly recommend Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality for its realness and practicality in teaching our young men to maneuver the dangerous waters they find themselves in our current culture.” –  Jacqui Trammell at Homestead Bounty Blessings
 “Young men live in a world today that has changed so much (and continues to change). As parents we may have difficulty knowing how to guide our sons on their journey as they grow up into young men. This book provides the assistance families may need. So if you have a son or boy in your life from the ages of 12 to 20, then Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality is a must-read for you.” — Kristen Heider at A Mom’s Quest to Teach
“The book is not a ‘club over the head’ or filled with condemnation. Instead, it is filled with some really practical ideas. There is even a chapter of encouragement and advice if someone has given into his struggles. … I can’t recommend this book enough. Not only will we be using it in our home, but we will recommend it to folks in our church and in our community.” — Rebekah Teague at There Will Be A $5 Charge for Whining
“Our sons are being blasted from all sides as satan works to destroy them.  We owe it to them to help prepare their hearts for the battles ahead.  I want my son to be VICTORIOUS through CHRIST and I appreciate the advice offered in Love, Honor, and Virtue:  Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality.  [This audiobook] is full of practical advice that I believe will make a difference in the husband and father he will one day be.” — Lynn McInnis at This Day Has Great Potential
“I highly recommend this book.  I can’t say enough good things about it.  It’s a powerhouse packed into 95 short little pages.  And moms, you read it too.  It’ll help you understand your boys and your husband and see them with the kind of love that God sees them.” — Crystal Heft at Living Abundantly
“There are many resources out there that address the mechanics of sexuality. Yet, they do not always integrate the teaching with the idea of moral purity. Rather, many mainstream teachings are quicker to talk about how to prevent pregnancy or disease rather than self-control and saving sex for the marital bed. This is where Hal and Melanie Young have come to the rescue…again.” — Laura O’Neill at Day By Day In Our World
“This book is a must read for anyone with children still at home, whether they are still young or older and preparing for the adult world. It is written to teenage boys, and appropriately so. It is a fantastic book for every teenage boy, many that are already struggling with the concerns outlined in it and desperately, although silently, desiring some understanding on the topics.” — Nancy Mayes at Homeschool On Purpose
“This particular book is, as you probably already guessed, about teaching your sons God’s view on sex and how to follow His path rather than the world’s. This book is short, only six chapters with a foreword and a conclusion. It is a quick read, but not a soft, easy read. It pulls no punches but frankly discusses sex, porn, temptation, and relationships. However, it always points back to Biblical principals as its guiding light.” — Lisa Hoggard at Four Little Penguins
“Hal and Melanie cover some very intimate topics in a very God-honoring, Biblical way. They answer those questions that are difficult to ask as a young man. … Throughout the book, they are very encouraging to the reader. It is obvious that they have a heart for equipping men, young and old, to live a virtuous life. I really appreciate the way they have approached a delicate yet tough subject.” — Jennifer Allen at Faithful Homestead
“Love, Honor and Virtue is a God-glorifying book that I highly recommend to parents and their sons. It will be particularly welcome to young men who have committed in their hearts to pursue purity. This book is also one that can be offered to young men who can honestly admit that they are not sure what they think about purity and abstinence before marriage. And in my situation, it is a great book to give to my son as he is starting college, to give him the opportunity (and respect) to work his way through the material on his own as he heads off into this new adventure in his life.” — Diana Malament at Homeschool Review
“Through the ages, Satan has perverted God’s design along with our views and definitions of marriage, sexuality. Love, Honor, and Virtue takes you directly the the Biblical model for these relationships and behaviors. They go straight to The Source and let scripture guide you in how you discuss this sensitive topic with your teen aged boys.” – Linda Sears at Apron Strings and Other Things
 “Although Hal and Melanie write from a biblical perspective and truth, they do not mince their words, and they should not. … Think about everything that makes you uncomfortable about sexuality. Hal and Melanie discuss everything, so make sure you are ready to read what they have to say. … Love, Honor, and Virtue is like a handbook that you will find yourself referring to for the reminders.” — Jennifer Smeltzer at The Yellow Swing
Love, Honor, and Virtue addresses so much more than “The Talk”.  When so much of the world does not represent the Biblical ideal, it makes sin seem normal, especially in this area. … It is a difficult conversation, but a needed one. With all the images being forced on us through advertising alone, it is not a topic to wait on or leave your son to figure out on his own.” — Hillary Moore at Walking Fruitfully
“This book is like an understanding, patient, wise, but cool and a little bit funny no-nonsense uncle. … There is a lot of science, a lot of Scripture, a lot of guidance throughout the book that no man should be without, and a lot of encouragement through hard, hard times. Sadly, too many men don’t have that cool, funny, Godly uncle. This book may be the awakening and boost they need to pursue purity as God intended and the blessings that come with it.
Love, Honor, and Virtue gives a young man the guidance, encouragement, and reason to put on the armor of God and fight for his own purity, so that when he presents himself to his lady in waiting, his armor may be beaten and dirty, but his heart is untouched and pure.” — Christy Bagasao at The Travel Bags
“This has been such a helpful book to me, showing me the emotional, physical and mental changes going on right now with [my son] who is silent about them all.  But now I feel I understand a little more about what he is going through and I feel better equipped to handle some serious conversations we need to start having very soon.” — Sheila Quach at Four Violet Reviews
Mama recommends Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality to your homeschooling family! It is a great Biblically based book to have, so that the young men in your life will have the correct attitude towards sexuality.” — Rani Grant at Rani’s Simple Living

“While a married mother or father can use this book, I like to refer to this as my ‘Birds and Bees Manual for the Single Mom.’ This gives me courage, and a way to approach the topic in a way that makes sense, but doesn’t make either of feel weird. Love, Honor, and Virtue helps your son understand God’s way for sexuality both morally and biologically, and it’s written in a way that makes sense for today’s youth. It is exactly the type of book I’ve been needing for Mr. B. It’s written to the boys, in a fun tone that’s non-confrontational and easy to understand. I highly recommend this.” — Missica Pullen at Through The Open Window

“Every family needs the information in this book and to put it into action. I would encourage homeschool families with kids of all ages and especially teens to get this book and talk about it with your family.  This book would also make a great course for churches, college groups, and bible study groups.” — Melinda Weiser at Weiser Academy

“Hal and Melanie Young have done a wonderful job of making a hard topic to talk about much easier.” — Patti Pierce at Truth and Grace Homeschool Academy 

“We are experiencing just as was stated in the book they say that it “can spark a long and productive series of conversations about sexuality, purity, sin”, and so on. That has been what’s going on in our house. My husband said he thinks Hal and Melanie did an extraordinary job of explaining the topics they cover.” — Tajuana Rhodes at Cross Rhodes Academy