Welcome, Friends of Homeschooling When Learning Isn’t Easy

Hi! We’re Hal and Melanie Young and we’ve dealt with a lot of the same issues you may be dealing with, such as special needs learners and chronic illness (in both parent and child). We are so excited to celebrate with you the launch of Heather Laurie’s new book, Homeschooling When Learning Isn’t Easy. The Lauries have been a real example to us and we think Heather’s book is going to be a huge blessing to struggling families. We’d like to celebrate with some gifts for everyone attending the launch party!

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Your friends,

Hal & Melanie

Surviving Struggling to Read CD Art with Shadow

Our son Sam is severely dyslexic and dysgraphic. He didn’t learn to read until he was eleven, but now he’s going to college with his college’s top academic scholarship, worth over $115,000. In this workshop, Sam and his mom, Melanie, talk about how to survive the social struggles, confidence challenges, and frustrations of struggling to learn to read. This is a great workshop to listen to with your struggling child!

Just As I Am CD Art with Shadow


Sometimes it feels like all you can do is survive! This workshop talks you through sticking it out in homeschooling and how to manage the rest of life while you do it. We’ll share some of our story and the stories of others who are homeschooling through hard times. It’s an hour-long encouragement session!


Sanity is in the Freezer CD Art with Shadow


One of the things we’ve done when we were facing tremendous challenges is to cook ahead and make dinner time easier. Don’t be intimidated! We couldn’t handle those huge plans that require you to cook 10 different meals in one day, either. This great workshop gives you some simple, easy things to do to make dinner time easier this week!

In addition to those three great workshops, free, we’re going to give you a 50% off coupon for one of our three great online class series, too, because we know what it’s like to need some extra encouragement!

Boot Camp Boyhood Pinnable


Sometimes, it’s hard to know whether what you are seeing is normal boy-stuff or if it’s something connected to your son’s condition. Come and find out! Boyhood Boot Camp’s four-session series is normally $32. Pay only $16 with the coupon!


Boot Camp Logo by Brooke with URL and 9-12


Our most popular online class deals with that super-challenging age, the preteens and early teens. Hormones can make an already difficult day nigh-onto-impossible! Been there, done that. Find out how to handle them in a godly way — and prepare to make the teen years great. Normally $39, Boot Camp 9-12 is only $19.50 with the coupon!


PreFlight with Description


Pilots run a preflight checklist before they hit the runway. Here’s a way to make sure your kids are ready to launch into adulthood — with our online class for teens and their parents. Normally $39, it’s only $19.50 with the coupon.

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