Here’s Parenting Preteens!

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Download Parenting Preteens by clicking the CD image below to listen now or by right-clicking and saving it to your computer to listen later. You won’t want to miss this one! We presented it just last night to a crowd outside Cleveland, Ohio. They laughed out loud, got tears in their eyes, and told us it gave them hope. We hope you’ll feel the same!

After you listen to it, if you’re hungry for even more encouragement, you might want to check out Boot Camp 9-12. It’s our online class series for parents of preteens. We talk about not just dealing with the emotional rollercoaster and school wreckage, but also media and purity, teaching entrepreneurship, coming of age ceremonies, dealing with spiritual doubts, getting ready for high school and a whole lot more!

Boot Camp 9-12 is one of the most popular things we do. It has us on video, slides, and chat. You’re going to love it! Sign up here.

Here’s Parenting Preteens.

Parenting Preteens CD Art with Shadow


Hal and Melanie Twinkle at Church Large

Hal & Melanie