Dear Friends,

What a challenging time we are all facing! We are doing all we can to keep serving you.

Shipments may take a little longer than usual. Shipping takes longer, both getting things to us and us getting them to you. If there is a signifcant delay, we’ll communicate with you and discuss the situation and any options we have.

Restocking has become difficult. Sadly, some of our suppliers have gone out of business. Others are struggling with supply chain issues and can’t restock. If we sell out of something, we may not be able to replace it. If you see something you want, buy it while it is in stock!

We are taking precautions. You don’t need to worry about shipments from us!

Please pray for us and others impacted by this crisis. The cancellation of conferences and events this year has made things very difficult for us. If the Lord leads you to help out, you can pray for us, share about our resources, shop in our store for your own family, or even chip in and help. We’re so grateful for you!

Your friends,

Hal & Melanie

Award-winning Authors of Raising Real Men, No Longer Little, Love, Honor, and Virtue