Boyhood Boot Camp Resources

Session 2: Reading, Writing, and ‘Rithmetic: Early Birds, Late Bloomers, and Boys Who Would Really Rather Not

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Our other online classes include Boot Camp 9-12, for parents of preteens, PreFlight for teens and their parents, and Marriage Retreat Online.

Our favorite preschool books can be found here.

If your child is struggling with learning to read, here are our favorite resources:

  • Melanie and our dyslexic son, Samuel, do a workshop together called Surviving Struggling to Read that will be super-encouraging to you and your struggling reader, too.
  • Dianne Craft’s Brain Integration Therapy Manual gets to the root of many reading and writing glitches with simple exercises you can do at home.
  • We are really enjoying using (affiliate) Reading Horizons software with our youngest. It’s solidly phonics-based and is a lot of fun, too. Ours says, “I just love my treehouse school!” If your struggling reader has a lack of confidence, start them at the lowest level so they have initial success, so it’s easy. 🙂  This is an affiliate link, so it blesses us, too.


Resources to help with Science and History

 Hero Tales 12345 with Shadow small Written by Theodore Roosevelt to teach character to American kids, Hero Tales from American History is one of our most popular resources! History is way better with cannonfire and screaming French mobs. 
 CFE and CFE Radio Theatre  The Promised Land Series makes Bible times come alive without trying to rewrite the Word of God. Historically accurate and great fun, too. The Radio Theatre version has over 50 actors! 
 Pollyanna and Pollyanna Grows Up Front Covers  The Pollyanna novels are not only hilarious, but teach about the Progressive era in the United States and most importantly, teach us all to be grateful. 
 Winning His Spurs Large  G.A. Henty novels are extremely historically accurate and full of the manly virtues in rip-snorting tales. Our guys have all enjoyed literally scores of these. 
Geology Detective 40 Rock Mineral We love these Geology Detective kits! They have the biggest specimens you’ll find in a rock and mineral collection. 
 Moonfinder by Jay Ryan Moonfinder, the picture book about the scientific basis for the phases of the moon we told you about. 
 Truthseekers Novels 2790672  The Truthseeker novels teach creation science in such high adventure tales, they’ll never know they are learning!This homeschool-family-owned business, Lighthouse Educational, sells excellent science kits to go with your science curriculum and lots of other interesting stuff, too. 
 Lighthouse Educational  This homeschool-family-owned business, Lighthouse Educational, is a great place to get science kits and supplies. 
 Classical Kids cover  We’ve really enjoyed these (affiliate link) history project books by Laurie Carlson over the years. Motivate learning with hands on activities! 

Fun Things to Keep Them Busy and Entertained While You Teach

Fischertechnik Junior These are our favorite realistic building toy because you can really play with them when you’re done. (affiliate) Fischertechnik and (affiliate) Fischertechnik Junior for younger boys are just great! 
 Matchbox rug  We have loved having a matchbox car rug that our kids could play for hours on. (affiliate) Here’s the area rug version. (affiliate) Here’s a felt version.