Surviving College Boot Camp

As hard as senior year and the application process is, we found that was the easy part! Our sons (so far) had to make the transition to university life, living away from home, and succeeding in a new environment. This Boot Camp will help them (and you!) prepare for that change!

We’ll be discussing:

Packing Lists – What do you need to take?

Choosing a Dorm – a Single or a Double?

Orientation and Move In

Planning Your Courses – Many students fail to graduate on time because they don’t get this!

Registering for Classes

Buying Books

Clubs and On-Campus Groups

Finding a Church

Making Friends

How to Study

Choosing a Professor and Section

Interacting with Professors

Keeping Your Grades Good

Staying Strong in Christ

Dealing with Worldview Challenges

This LIVE (but recorded if you can’t make a session or want to listen again), online webinar series will prepare you for one of the biggest transitions of your life!  Ask questions, get real answers, meet others in the same situation!

Time: To Be Announced

Please email info(at)raisingrealmen(dot)com for more information or use the contact form below.

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