Founder and Publisher of El Hogar Educador Reviews Raising Real Men
Posted by Melanie in Praise for RRM

We have all heard older people say something like “enjoy your children now because the time passes fast.” Pam and I have ten children—seven boys and three girls. The oldest is thirty-two years old and the youngest is only a year old. That fact gives us a perspective that most people do not have. The time with our children really does past quickly! We must not only enjoy the time with them but we must also use it wisely in order to raise them too become Real Men.

When I first picked up Raising Real Men and read, “Young boys can be downright destructive.” I knew that this was going to be a book that was not only entertaining and challenging but also truthful. For you see, Richardson boys can be downright destructive too!

Hal and Melanie have done what few people are willing to do. They have opened their hearts and lives and allowed us to see what is really on the inside. They have dropped all their barricades and defenses for the sole purpose of helping you and me to raise our children to be Real Men. They teach that we must see our children’s potential—not just their potential to work—their potential to become mighty in spirit—men who will come along beside us and after us, having a real and godly impact on this world and reaching many for Jesus Christ.

Too many of us simply don’t want to accept our responsibility as parents. We expect others to raise our children: the government, schools, church, babysitters, day-care centers, or friends and relatives. Meanwhile we pursue other interests. This is unacceptable for the believer! Hal makes it very clear, it’s your job to take care of them—to raise them to be Real Men.

We, as fathers, need to not be so preoccupied with our own desires and become more intent on shepherding our children into adulthood. Failure to do so will have a rippling effect not only on our children but also on many generations to come. It is my hope and prayer that reading Raising Real Men will give you a vision for raising sons who are protectors, persistent, honorable and obedient.

Mike and Pam Richardson

Missionaries in Mexico

Founders and Publishers of El Hogar Educador