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Do the relationships inside your home feel stormy?


When Paul wrote to the church in Ephesus, he recognized problems in the church – dishonesty, anger, and bitterness, foolish or coarse talk (Ephesians 4-5). Sometimes we find the same things in our families! But God’s grace and power can equip us to walk “as children of light,” making the best use of the time, giving thanks, doing the will of God from the heart (Ephesians 5) and leading our children to do the same.

This month, we’re part of the Homeschool Family Relationships Summit, a free online event October 14-19, 2019. The focus is just what we try to emphasize – applying Biblical principles to the 21st century family in a practical way.

There are over 25 speakers including ourselves – some of our favorite parenting and family life teachers like Tedd and Margy Tripp, Davis and Rachel Carman, Israel and Brooke Wayne, Ginger Hubbard, and many more. Video session will discuss a full range of family issues –

  • Biblical Relationships
  • Marriage
  • Parent/Child Relationships
  • Sibling & Peer Relationships
  • Your Family & the World

The entire event is FREE if you sign up by October 14th, and in addition to the video sessions, you’ll also get access to an online exhibit hall (with exclusive discounts and freebies), daily devotions to help you set your heart on the Lord, and a private Facebook group to connect with speakers and other attendees.

By God’s grace, you’ll walk away from the Homeschool Family Relationships Summit with a fresh start for Christ-centered, healthy relationships right in your home.

Don’t wait!

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