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High adventure, excitement, and a boatload of real science from a young earth, creationist perspective. All three Truthseeker books at a discount are in this set.

By the way, the missing link is not actually found, that’s the point of the book!


Creation Science Novels

We just love to find resources that teach our children while they think they’re just having fun! When we read these books written by homeschool mom and daughter team, Felice and Christina Gerwitz, we knew we’d found just that!

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The very idea intrigued us – adventure novels meant to teach Creation science. So, we read. Melanie read very carefully. Her degree is in the hard sciences and she’s tough to please. She was pleased.

Folks, these are simply outstanding. They are full of adventure and excitement – scuba diving, mountain-climbing, bad guys and adventure. They are just a sitting on the edge of your seat, page-turning blast! And they’ll teach your children a boatload of real science – accurate science!Now, that’s a win for everybody!

What ages? Well, the hero and heroine are teens and they do face dangerous circumstances. Everyone in our family from about 8 on up greatly enjoyed them. In fact, they argued over them!

Note: Don’t be alarmed by the title (The Missing Link Found) – that’s what the Murphys are told, but they find out differently!

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