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I can hardly imagine boyhood without these books and our girls love them, too! Christ-centered, fast-paced, fun adventure novels – in audiobook format! These are the OLD Sugar Creek Gang books, voiced by Paul Ramseyer, as we all used to hear on Moody Radio. They’re way better than the new revised ones.

There are SIX complete novels in every volume and six volumes available for hours and hours of character-building entertainment!

NOTE: Sadly, since we are not the publisher of the Sugar Creek Gang audiobooks, we are not able to discount them further, except in the complete set of six, which saves you $40.00!



We are so excited to finally be carrying this wonderful series! Paul Hutchens perfectly captures a boy’s voice, his thought life. It probably helps that he grew up in a large family of boys himself!

These are incredibly wholesome and entertaining. All of our children LOVE Sugar Creek Gang! They are Christ-centered, parents are held in honor, and good sibling relationships are encouraged. You are going to love these books!!

They’re exciting without being really scary. Despite some of the titles, there’s no supernatural scariness like ghosts, just bad guys and they all get caught. Our boys (and girls, too) are huge Sugar Creek Gang fans!


Volume 1 contains SIX WHOLE BOOKS:

  • The Swamp Robber
  • The Killer Bear
  • The Winter Rescue
  • The Lost Campers
  • Chicago Adventure
  • The Secret Hideout

Volume 2 contains SIX MORE BOOKS:

  • The Mystery Cave
  • The Palm Tree Manhunt
  • One Stormy Day
  • The Mystery Thief
  • Teacher Trouble
  • Screams in the Night

Volume 3  contains:

  • The Indian Cemetery
  • The Treasure Hunt
  • Thousand Dollar Fish
  • The Haunted House
  • Lost in the Blizzard
  • On the Mexican Border

Volume 4 includes:

  • The Green Tent Mystery
  • The Bull Fighter
  • The Trapline Thief
  • The Blue Cow
  • The Watermelon Mystery
  • The Tree House Mystery

Volume 5 has:

  • The Timber Wolf
  • Western Adventure
  • The Killer Cat
  • Locked in the Attic
  • The Colorado Kidnapping
  • The Runaway Rescue

Volume 6 finishes the series with:

  • Cemetery Vandals
  • Battle of the Bees
  • Case of the Missing Calf
  • The Ghost Dog
  • White Boat Rescue
  • Brown Box Mystery


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