Craftsman Crate: The Sketch Artist Crate

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Our Classic Sketching Kit has everything you need to go from a doodler to a real artist!


It seems as if each of our children have gone through a time that they have loved to draw. Some of them just played with it for awhile and moved on, but others sought out instruction and learned skills they’ve used in life.

That would have been a lot easier if we’d had a kit like this available. First, the book…We include an amazing book that will help them draw anything they are interested in properly! Six different pencils in varying hardness so they can get just the right shading. Several different types of art erasers to help them perfect their work. A nice hardback sketch book. And…a mannequin, which is really an essential if they are going to learn to draw people. A posable mannequin will help them get the proportions right no matter what position their figure is in. This is a great set!

Our Classic Sketching Kit has everything they need to learn to draw almost anything!

  • Hardback Sketch Book, 8 1/4 x 5 1/4 inches, 60 sheets
  • Sketching Kit with Pencils, Eraser, Sharpener, Everything
  • Wooden Mannequin, 7 1/2 inch with base
  • Wooden Case for Pencils
  • How to Draw Nearly Everything, 160 pages

Beginners seeking a comprehensive book on drawing, rejoice! Suitable for all ages, this guide by a noted expert covers all of the basics as well as the most common subjects. Learn how to draw figures, faces, landscapes, trees, flowers, and animals of all kinds, including horses, dogs, and cats. In addition to tips on composition, shading, and perspective, this well-illustrated guide offers suggestions for pencil, pen, and brush techniques.

This volume combines the best and most practical material from ten of artist Victor Perard’s drawing books. In addition to flower arrangements and studies, Perard’s sketches include images of trees in winter and summer. A tremendous variety of other topics ranges from surfers and fishing boats and lighthouses to the swamps of Florida, quaint bungalows, a log cabin in the Maine woods, and New York City apartment buildings.

[NOTE: We carefully remove 6 pages (front and back) which are inappropriate for youth since they feature drawing the undressed human body. We felt the rest of the book was so good, that this was the best option.]

Recommended for ages 13 and up.

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