Family Business Greenhouse II: Harvest – Making Money


How do you get your business to actually make money? Family Business Greenhouse provides the mentorship and help you need to reach that level!


Can you make enough money to do this for a living?

Can your family business be your day job? How can you pay the bills?

How can you trust the Lord in dry times? How can you keep your perspective in good times?

Here’s Help!

In the second course in the Family Business Greenhouse program, you’ll learn how to make a profit while running an ethical business.

Join Philip & Carroll Sue Priddy, teachers and entrepreneurs, for five, LIVE, INTERACTIVE sessions to mentor you through:

  • Turning a Profit
  • Staying Ethical
  • Spending Your Time Wisely
  • Choosing How to Spend Your Money
  • Balancing Family, Life, and Business



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