Craftsman Crate: Papier Mache Lanterns


The Papier Mache Crate takes an old art form to a new level, making lanterns using botanicals.


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The art of papier-mache’, which literally means mashed or pulped paper, originated, just as paper itself did, in China where it was used to make helmets (stiffened with lacquer, of course) during the Han Dynasty (202BC to 220AD), though the ancient Egyptians used a similar process with papyrus or linen. The craft spread to India and Persia where it was used for painted boxes and decorative elements on shields and other wooden objects. By the 1700s, papier-mache’ was used throughout Europe in furniture making, architecture, toys, and ornaments. Papier-mache was used to construct racing canoes in the 1800s because of its lightness and toughness. Imagine racing in a paper boat!

Most of us connect papier mâché with the crazy projects we made out of mushed newspaper in elementary school, but this crate will teach you how artisans use this long-used art to produce handcrafted works from the funky to the exquisite. First, you’ll design and create botanical lanterns that will look great in anyone’s house or to illuminate your next outdoors party.


Each Papier Mâché Crate Contains:

Tracing Paper – This translucent paper is perfect for allowing enough light through the lantern body for illumination.

Standard 20# Paper – Use this for your taking it further projects; it’s more opaque and sturdy.

White Glue – PVC glue is useful for so many things! In this case, it secures each layer of paper to the previous one. Non-toxic. Water-based. Permanent.

Balloons – These provide the shape to form your lanterns (or bowls!) around.

Botanical Specimens – A variety of professionally dried and pressed natural foliage specimens are included to decorate your lanterns and give them that garden look.

Battery-Operated Tealights – Use these to safely illuminate a couple of lanterns.

Jute Twine – This is for hanging your lanterns.


  • Measuring Cup – Mix your glue solution and dip the paper here
  • Spoon – Mix your solution until smooth
  • Scissors – Trim the edges of your projects
  • Pin – Poke a hole in the balloon and in your project, if needed
  • Measuring Tape – Measure the balloons for even sizing

Additional information

Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 2.5 in

10 People, 3 People, 4 People, 5 People, 6 People, 7 Attendees, 8 People, 9 People


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