Chain Mail Expansion Kit


It’s finally here! A kit to take your chain mail skills to the next level. Our Chain Mail Expansion Kit makes a chain mail belt you can wear every day.

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You guys have been begging us for this since about a week after we came out with our Men of Iron Chain Mail Kit and we’ve finally done it! Our Chain Mail Expansion Kit is ready to go. You get more rings than in our Men of Iron Kit and it takes a lot longer to complete. This is not an hour or two project, so it will keep you busy for quite a while!

This kit makes a belt you can wear every day! Show off your chain mail skills with this leather trimmed belt that will look great with denims or wrapped around your tunic when you’re portraying a knight at arms. Great for shoving a sword into or just making you look like one mighty man!

This is an expansion kit, so it does not include the two sets of pliers required to link the chain mail, nor does it include basic-level instruction. For those, get our Men of Iron Chain Mail Kit!


Chain mail rings, about 7.5 ounces, enough to make a belt about 50″ long, or a shorter belt and some rings to experiment with.

Belt buckle, specially designed to work well with chain mail.

Genuine leather lace, for durability and style, 4 yards.

Wooden chest to keep the project in while you are working, and to use for other treasures later.

NOTE: These are aluminum rings and can leave some residue behind, so this belt is better for your jeans than your khakis!

Suggested for ages 13 and up due to the complexity and length of the task. Small parts, not for young children.

Additional information

Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 8 x 5 x 4 in


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