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All of our kids, boys and girls, LOVED these books, but they were especially wonderful for our struggling learners. Although they have easy-to-read words, the stories are appealing to kids through the preteens – not at all babyish or silly.

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The Billy and Blaze books were favorites of all our children, boys and girls! They are exciting, wholesome, fun, and great for early readers. These books, with their lovely drawings and easy-to-read words, capture the special relationship between a boy and his horse.

Book 3 – Blaze and the Forest Fire, 56 pages

Billy and Blaze are more than just friends—they’re heroes! When they spot smoke in the brush, they race through the woods to sound the alarm.

At the end of the day, Billy and Blaze are rewarded for their bravery—with carrots for Blaze, chocolate cake for Billy, and a very special present that they can share.

Book 4 – Blaze Finds the Trail, 32 pages

Billy and his pony Blaze love to explore the forest. So one day they set out on an old woodland road that is new to them. They have a wonderful ride, but their adventures soon lead them off the trail and deep into the woods. Before they know it, the sky grows dark with a coming storm, and Billy can’t find the way out of the woods. Can Blaze find the trail and get them safely home again?

Book 5 – Blaze and Thunderbolt, 48 pages

Billy and his loyal pony Blaze head west together in another exciting adventure from C. W. Anderson. When their new friend Jim is unable to tame the wild horse Thunderbolt, Billy and Blaze want to help. Fast and elusive, Thunderbolt is not easy to befriend. But with their kind and gentle approach, Billy and Blaze may succeed where the other cowboys have failed. C. W. Anderson’s story is one of friendship and adventure, and with his beautiful drawings of Blaze and Thunderbolt, it’s sure to be welcomed by young readers everywhere.

Book 8 – Blaze and the Lost Quarry, 48 pages

Billy and Blaze are looking for adventure as they set out to explore the countryside. But when they find an abandoned quarry, they’re in for more than they could have imagined. Not only does Billy perform a brave deed, but he and Blaze make a new friend, too! This could be the greatest adventure ever!

Book 10 – Blaze Shows the Way, 48 pages

Billy and Blaze are back in another exciting tale of their adventures. This time they’re showing their friends Tommy and Dusty how to be as great a team as they are. Tommy and Dusty are eager learners, for they know that Billy and Blaze are the best teachers anybody (or any pony) could ever ask for.
Soon, Tommy and Dusty are good enough to enter the pairs jumping class with Billy and Blaze. Now they can show everyone just how much they’ve learned!


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